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2023 is Treating Me Well

In March of 2021, my wife was laid off from her job right as our apartment lease was expiring. Due to increased demand, the rent rose over $200 and we found ourselves on one income, in a State with a six month backlog on unemployement payouts. We ended up moving in with my mom and stepfather, and as much as I’d like to say it was a stress-free, happy, existence it was anything but. After six months or so, I finally lost it and we quickly moved into an apartment that was available in a decent part of town.

As terrible as my previous living arrangement was, this new apartment was just as bad if not worse. The noise is almost unbearable at times and it has left me in a triggered state of anxiety for almost twelve months. The complex itself is nice looking, but that’s about where the compliments end. Heck, my apartment building even caught fire six months ago and the water damaged units have just been sitting and growing mold. This is what the ground looks like around my apartment whenever it rains.

We’ve spent the past five months trying to buy a house and came very close. To be honest, the interest rates and prices in the area where we live are just a bit too much for two employees of the State. And so, we made a decision a month ago to find a new place to rent, at least until we see how the market goes and/or decide if we want to relocate to a more affordable area.

Yesterday, was a good day for me. Not only did I get some good news about my health, but we also found a new place to rent. It’s a bit more than we wanted to spend, but it’s in the apartment complex we lived in when my wife was laid off. We liked it there. Instead of a one bedroom apartment, we’re renting a townhome this time with a garage. There is no one below us or above us, and we only have neighbors on one side. It’s a pond view and has plenty of space, so we can actually breath a little.

We’ve been monitoring the prices for the past month and they just dipped to the lowest yesterday and well… I’m excited and it’s been a long time since I’ve said that. The idea of not needing three fans, three sound machines, and our TV’s volume halfway turned up on a brown noise YouTube channel just to make it through the night is a dream come true. It’s not a home of our own, but it’ll be a sanctuary for the next fifteen months (or until we find something to buy) where we can breath easier. We can rest, not be constantly disturbed by parties and extremely loud banging all hours of the night. We can hopefully get back to where we were in early 2021 where we were saving money and really enjoying where we lived.

The last two years have been rough, but so far 2023 is treating me well. I’ve got a good feeling that this year, is going to be a good one.


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