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Almost Paradise and Manchester by the Sea

This week, I finished up the first season of Almost Paradise which was wonderful.

It honestly has become one of my favorite shows. I’m so glad it has a second season and I’m hoping it’ll get more down the road. Of course, with the writer’s strike and the entertainment industry struggling, who knows what the future holds.

I also watched Manchester by the Sea, a film recommended when I did a search for movies like Good Will Hunting. Other than excellent performances, a Massachusetts setting, and Casey Affleck, it’s nothing like Good Will Hunting. It was however a beautiful film that was well acted, well shot, and scored. It was just what I needed this week.

I’ve also finally made it through my first episode of Leverage, a show I thought was about lawyers. When the revival began at IMDBtv, I did some research and that’s when I realized it wasn’t about lawyers, but about thieves. I had started the show a few weeks back, but just watched the opening scene. Last weekend, I watched the first half and now I’ve finally finished it. It took a bit, but I’m hooked. Apparently, I’m on a Dean Devlin produced/Christian Kane kick.

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