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A Daily Reminder

One of the reasons I write on here, tend to repeat myself, don’t proofread, and just post stuff is to keep myself motivated. This blog is for me first and foremost, and if someone finds a little help or guidance, that’s great.

I’ve always been a good self-motivator, but I need to feel engaged in order to keep up with things. Writing about a topic helps. It’s a reminder daily that I’m working towards something, and it needs to occupy a certain percentage of my attention.

But sometimes I need a little more encouragement. Just something that I see often that reminds me of the path that I’m on. In the past, I’ve used phone backgrounds to varying degrees of success, but nowadays I barely pay attention to what’s on my phone.

So, I went searching for something I could keep on me, that wasn’t annoying, and would help me focused. I settled on creating a silicon bracelet, like those Livestrong bracelets from years ago.

I was able to customize one on Amazon for nine dollars and I put a couple of short messages on it to help remind me of what I’m doing: Don’t Be Soft and Get Fit.


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