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A Peek at Thanksgiving 1995

On Thanksgiving Day in 1995, I took my grandmothers massive camcorder and ran around the house annoying everyone. In the ten minute video, you hear just about every adult in the household yell at me for videotaping for a variety of reasons. Of course, twenty six years later, this ten minute glimpse into that Thanksgiving Day is something I cherish. I get to see my late grandmother cooking a Thanksgiving feast on an old green stove. I get to see my brother, desperate for my attention, showing off my birthday presents. I get to see my Dad washing dishes while I dry. It’s a glimpse into a very normal and unexciting day, and I love it for those exact reasons.

I decided to take a few screenshots of the video instead of sharing it. That seems a bit invasive. So, here are a few snapshots at my Thanksgiving Day in 1995.

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