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A Sucker Punch

A few months ago, I was asked to fill in for a co-worker who was out for a while. I would take on some of her responsibilities for ten percent additional pay, which would officially bump to the highest pay of my entire life.

It’s been a rollercoaster of will she or won’t she return, but I guess I really assumed that no matter what, my effort and work ethic would not go unrewarded. I mean, that’s what they all say right? Tighten your bootstraps and work hard and you’ll be rewarded. Yea… I learned a long time ago life doesn’t work that way.

It doesn’t mean I don’t still hope and well, as I’ve spent the past two weeks saving every penny and trying to make the best of my paycheck, it of course came out of nowhere today that my additional pay and duties would stop. No thanks for the hard work or filling in, just it’s over on Thursday.

My morale is already mostly in the toilet at my job, but the commute and workload keep me coming in. This sucker punch just dropped me to my knees. To feel unappreciated and maybe even a bit used, it’s quite frustrating. It really sucked the wind out of me.

I was walking into Food Lion on Sunday, thinking about the maximum amount of money I could save if I kept my spending under control by the end of the year. That total would now be lower by around $1200.

I think when you combine this with the interview, I went on going nowhere, it’s just a bit of a hit to my self-esteem. Tag in the feelings of getting older from earlier and it makes for a tough pill to swallow.

I’m going to go home and lick my wounds. I’m going to cook myself some dinner and watch some TV and play some video games. Thankfully I completed most of Arnold workout for the day and I’ll just finish my pushups tomorrow.

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