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Abandoned Angelfire Horror Websites (Circa 1999-2007)

Recently, I took a look back some old abandoned Scream fansites I found online. I had fun conducting some internet archeology and discovering these old works of love before they end up missing forever. Sadly, Web 1.0 is dying as the internet grows and I guess I feel a certain obligation to keep some of that spirit alive. That’s what inspired me to create this page to begin and I feel like paying homage to those who came before is only right.

I utilized Angelfire’s Classic Member Directory to discover some more old abandoned horror themed websites and I present them here for your viewing pleasure.

Stupid Scary Movie Society
Last Updated: 3/25/2001

This was a fun site to browse. Basically, a group of friends got together on the weekends to watch horror films, keep stats, and then write up a little review. I highly recommend you check out the profiles page to see all the craziness they put into their profiles. I was also a fan of the leaderboard page.

Last Updated: 2006

This page is a plethora of information pertaining to Joe Bob Brigg’s Monstervision. Not only does it have a listing for upcoming movies (well as of 2006) it has complete transcripts of Joe Bob’s commentary for a ton of the movies. That way you could watch the films as they aired on TNT or wherever and then read Joe Bob’s thoughts to enhance your viewing experience.

Top Ten Scary Movies
Last Updated: 2007

This is a pretty simple website that includes the author’s Top 10 Favorite Scary movies along with a page dedicated to reader submitted Top 10’s. I like the commentary that goes along with the movies and it’s a simple, neat page.

The Home of Kevin Williamson
Last Updated: 10/26/1999

Despite the title, this is not Kevin Williamson’s official page. This is a very simple fansite that reminds me a lot of what the internet had to offer in the late 90’s. There isn’t much that survived on this page (almost all of the links are dead) but the author also created an Urban Legends fansite that they linked at the bottom. Back in the 90’s, tons of webmasters would make multiple sites dedicated to movies or various fandoms that they loved.

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