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Abandoned Site Spotlight: Nick’s WCW Page

A large amount of my internet time in the late 90’s was spent researching professional wrestling. Learning wrestler’s real names, the names of moves, rumors of who might jump between organizations, listening to MIDIs of theme songs, and playing fantasy wrestling were all major sources of entertainment for me. It was because of my love of wrestling I discovered Napster, when chatting with an online user who had some wrestling theme songs in mp3 that I wanted. Wrestling was my everything.

I once ran The Ultimate Taz Website, dedicated to ECW wrestler Taz. I had a page dedicated to Wrestlemania 2000 the video game and a fantasy role playing league. Sadly, I no longer have any of these pages nor are they available online.

When I get nostalgic for this time, I go digging for wrestling websites still up on Tripod or Angelfire. I love reading all the rumors that were incorrect and seeing the excitement people had for the nWo. One night while searching, I came across Nick’s WCW Page and it stopped me in my tracks.


the top of Nick’s page was a tribute to him. He was killed in an ATV accident and his mother updated the site to let his readers now that his passing was the reason for the lack of updates. It was an incredibly touching message that demonstrated how connections once existed online. We were anonymous, but not strangers and that meant something.

Over the years, I’ve thought about Nick’s page often and even fashioned a page that hosted all my wrestling articles after his site once. I didn’t know Nick, but I was a lot like Nick. A teenager who poured his soul into creating something to honor the things that he loved and in hopes that others would find it entertaining. One day, my blog will serve as a memorial for me, but I doubt my wife will know how to update it and once my domain fees go unpaid it’ll be lost forever. It’s nice to know Nick’s page lives on over twenty-years later.

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