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Alternate Social Media

Recently, I discussed the problems with Pixelfed. It’s been a few weeks and I’m struggling to find a reason to keep engaging. So many people abandon the platform so quickly and I haven’t really found anyone providing the type of content I’d be interested in. I’m trying to hold off until the Pixelfed app is launched to see what type of new users that brings in, but I’m not holding my breath that Pixelfed ever being a product I use daily.

I’ve been experimenting with some other forms of social media over the past few weeks. I was just curious if there was a place for someone like me (late 30’s, enjoyer of retro and pop culture, tech interested, etc.) and well, the results have not been promising.

Vero was one of the first places I looked. I always thought Vero had a leg up on Instagram in regard to app design and features, but it’s never built much of a community. Surprisingly, they are still around, and their big users include Zach Snyder and Madonna, but the app is a clunker these days. They’ve maybe crammed a bit too much into it and well… there just isn’t much of a community there. It seems like the few people that do exist mostly just port their photos over from Instagram and aren’t very active.

Tumblr is another site I’ve been experimenting with. I was delighted to learn that Automattic, the owners of WordPress run the site now and while I was never a tumblr user, I was intrigued to see this creative space gaining some momentum as nostalgia has kicked in for old users and Gen Z is discovering it’s weird, anonymous space.

Sadly, there isn’t much of a space for my content on there. I’ve tried to isolate some small groups and communities, but there isn’t a “Growns Up” filter. Sadly, it seems like most of the site are gifs and random anime drawings which I’m really over seeing online. Seriously, if I click on another website and see another anime drawing I may just quit the internet altogether.

I decided to auto-publish my posts from Fat Kids over to tumblr just to see what happens. Instagram has been a total waste in regard to growing an audience for the site and I doubt tumblr will be much better.

SpaceHey is another service that I want to love. Fashioned after MySpace, SpaceHey has that creative, quirkiness that I miss so much. Sadly, I think I’m just a bit too old for the site. It caters to the Gen Z and outside of a few users, the site is dominated by them. Anime pictures are scattered amongst the profiles and well… I’m just the old man on the outside looking in.

The problem with social media is finding the type of content you are interested in seeing. When you have a massive number of active users, it’s easy to find folks with similar interests. You also will most likely find people you know in real life on a mainstream social media site. Sadly, none of my friends are all that adventurous and I don’t blame them. Why come hang out with me in some social media desert hoping someone comes along to hang out? Also, I’ve seen what social media has turned a couple of my friends into and I have a feeling a less dramatic space is not what they would find enjoyable.

I’m going to keep poking around, but I don’t have much hope for an online presence outside of this blog. I may return to Fosstodon eventually, as it is most in line with my values and interests. I think the magic perfect social media that I’m looking for may not exist and maybe that’s for the best. Maybe it’s better for me to spend time creating here in my own space and hope that some likeminded folks will find their way here and connections can be built that way.

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