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An Off Day

Yesterday, was not my best day. In fact, the whole weekend kinda sucked but yesterday was the worse.

The stress of work, feeling insecure, tons of housework, some money being spent, and trying to manage my weight was just overwhelming. I struggled to stay in a good mood and I constantly felt like I didn’t have enough time, despite three days off.

The dishwasher stopped working Saturday and then Sunday, I decided to get our taxes done and it was not in our favor. I’m the type of guy who does my taxes immediately but my wife’s second job struggled getting her 1099 out.

Due to changing circumstances, long story short, we owe like $900. My wife was beside herself over it and it was not a good way to end Easter weekend.

In the typical, when it rains it pours, our TV also is dying. So, it’s just been a whammy after a whammy this weekend.

Yesterday, I didn’t do my body weight exercises. I didn’t stretch. I did count calories and remained under, but it was my first lapse in self discipline. But ya know what, that is okay. It wasn’t a great weekend.  Life happens, shit happens and today is a new day. I’ll get right back on it today and my fourteen day routine will be fifteen days.


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