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Brandon’s Halloween Watch List 2021 – Part Two

Season Seven, Episode Four
All Hallows Eve
October 26th, 1992

Blossom and Joey are fighting, because Blossom keeps getting Joey in trouble. Due to their constant fighting, Blossom and Six are stuck handing out candy while Joey is banned to his room on Halloween. The girls get spooked and think they are being hunted by a masked killer and chaos ensues.

Halloween Theme: A
Re-Watchability: C

The Real Ghostbusters
Season One, Episode Episode
When Halloween Was Forever
November 1st, 1986

One Saturday morning in October, I found myself sitting at the dining room table eating Ghostbusters cereal and watching this Halloween themed episode of The Real Ghostbusters. Life was great for those twenty-six minutes or so. Who knows, maybe I did the same thing back in 1986. I don’t really remember.

This is a great Halloween episode and really shows how terrifying The Real Ghostbusters could be. I definitely credit the series for planting the seed of my love of horror thanks to episodes like this one.

Some ghosts unlock some ancient artifacts from Ireland that release the spirit Samhaim who takes all the ghosts under his control in and attempt to slow down time and make Halloween last forever. Great concept, decent script that doesn’t talk down to kids, and a fantastic villain. All around good stuff, made better by like branded cereal.

Halloween Theme: A
Re-Watchability: B

That 70’s Show
Season Three, Episode Four
Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die
October 31st, 2000

This is probably going down as the worse thing I watched on this list. This Halloween episode is a Hitchcock themed episode where they attempt to cram as many homages to various Hitchcock films in less than thirty minutes. What results is a poor story that is not very funny.

The show did have some great segways and spooky opening credits which at least made it feel festive.

Halloween Theme: C
Re-Watchability: F

Beavis and Butthead
Season Six, Episode One
Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest
October 31st, 1995

This is one special I definitely watched as it aired back in 1995. MTV called it Butt-O-Ween and in this extended Beavis and Butthead episode we get a huge dose of Cornholio as Beavis gets ahold of Mr. Anderson’s candy and then some.

I managed to secure a copy of this with the music videos intact and I felt like it holds up well. I remember being disappointed in the ending and I think, I’m still not overly satisfied with it but I chuckled quite a bit throughout.

Halloween Theme: A
Re-Watchability: C

The Middle
Season Three, Episode Seven
Halloween II
October 25th, 2011

The Middle always does great Halloween episodes and this one is no exception. Frankie gets suckered into taking Brick’s social skills group trick or treating and Sue decides its time to dress more mature. There are lots of touching moments in this episode and a few good morals as well. Frankie’s struggle with dealing with rude people is one that I battle on a daily basis and its nice to see the good guy/girls win every once in a while.

Halloween Theme: A
Re-Watchability: B

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  1. I’ve never been anything boxy for Halloween, so I’ve never had that problem. My favorite scene is when Frankie is with the group and one kid thinks they are giving french fires because he saw the family eating them. I did that one Halloween, but the dinner the people were eating at the house I visited looked so good.

    • LOL that’s great. Yeah, I never went as anything boxy either nor a costume as big as her dice. I had those cheap plastic costumes as a kid and I know I went as Batman and a Ninja Turtle. Then as I got older, I remember wearing scrubs and being a doctor the year ER debuted. I also was a Navy Seal one year. Then finally Michael Myers when I was in high school.

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