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I woke up feeling calm for the first time in a very long time. I’m not sure what created this sense of peace within me, but I’m glad its here. I’ve been living on the edge far too long.

I’ve been attempting to meditate a little each day. Sometimes its for just a few minutes, but I’m trying to be intentional about remembering to breath, processing any residual feelings of negativity, and existing in a world that is quiet.

I find myself attracted to the word quiet a lot lately. I don’t just mean audibly quiet, which is nice, but quiet in the form of information overload. We have so many flashing lights fighting for our attention it’s nice to just turn them all off. No background TV, no music, no mindless web browsing, no news nor cell phone notifications. Just nothing.

The other word that comes up a lot is intentional, especially in regards to intentional living. I feel like I’ve coasted way too long on doing whatever I was pulled to or doing it just because, and not being intentional with my choices. By being a little more present and making choices that I’ve thought out and not just out of habit, ritual, or expectation, I feel like I’ve regained a little part of me.

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