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When I thought about doing something different with this site, the first place I went to look for inspiration was Neocities. Neocities is a modern interpretation of Geocities, one of the largest Web 1.0 personal homepage hosts. There are many talented folks over at Neocities putting out some creative and quirky content, but in my personal opinion, there is a lot of flash and little substance. I guess, in a way, Neocities truly is like its predecessor.

There is a community on Neocities that preaches the do-it-yourself mentality when it comes to web design. They are fueled by their anger at big tech and the state of the internet, this sort of commentary can be found online in many of the niche and smaller communities. The issue that this particular group struggles with (as do many of the others) is they have nothing to say outside of, “The internet sucks now. Ads and tracking are terrible. It’s better to self-host and do it yourself.”

Now, I don’t disagree with that statement, but I can only read it so many times. Complaining about the internet isn’t making a better internet. You need to show me. Give me great content on a static HTML website. Show me a reason to experiment with Gemini. Give me something to come back and read that doesn’t consist of complaints.

One of my favorite quotes is

It’s better to light a candle than complain about the dark.

It’s important for me going forward to avoid this sort of complaining about the state of the internet/world/society etc. and focus more on expressing myself, discussing interests, and so forth. And so, in my unofficial first rule to write by, I’m stating that I will Write Content Worth Reading. That doesn’t mean every post is going to be overly produced, proof-read, and written to inspire, but I will restrict myself from barely coherent ranting about the internet and other topics that truly do no matter.

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