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Denver The Last Dinosaur

Ya know, with all this 80’s and 90’s nostalgia, I’ve been waiting for the day that Denver gets his spotlight. That day hasn’t come, and I guess it never is, so I figure it’s time for me to talk about one of my favorite cartoons from the 80’s.

Denver The Last Dinosaur is about a dinosaur, named Denver, whose egg hatches in modern times (well, 1988 modern) and he befriends a bunch of teenagers. The show ran for two seasons, equaling fifty episodes, in syndication. In 2018, a CGI reboot called Denver and Cliff was created, but the less we discuss that the better.

Denver The Last Dinosaur frequently featured stories that focused on morals or education, and they tackled topics like greed and ecology while also teaching a dinosaur to skateboard. The show was hip, in that 80’s messaging cartoon style, and reminded me of Captain Planet with the not so subtle messaging.

What I loved most about Denver was the theme song. I will go record and say it was my favorite cartoon theme song from the 80’s followed by Muppet Babies, TMNT, and The Real Ghostbusters.

Luckily, it looks like someone has put all the episodes on YouTube if you are interested in checking it out. It’s a mostly forgotten 80’s cartoon that really was rather mediocre, but I enjoyed it a lot as a five-year-old. It’s not quite my thing these days.


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  1. The theme song was the most memorable thing about the show.They did make a reference to the reboot in an episode of Miraculous Ladybug which have the same production company. A local station used to show the Spanish dub of the show in the late 90s. They used to show it on Qubo a few years ago. I remember thinking I can’t believe I watched this.

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