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Dharma & Greg – The Halloween Episodes

Every holiday season I get nostalgic for 90’s TV. I believe the marketing gurus who created holiday blocks of television in the 90’s really got their hooks into me and it just doesn’t feel like the holidays if I’m not watching some 90’s sitcoms. Every year, I watched Roseanne, Home Improvement, and a handful of others. This year, I decided to expand on the shows that I watch and dove into some holiday episodes I’ve never seen before or do not remember.

My recaps are pretty simple. I provide a spoiler free synopsis, discuss how the show utilizes the Halloween theme, and then grade the show on the usage of the Halloween theme, and whether or not its rewatchable.

I hope you enjoy these holiday special posts and I hope they help you get into the Halloween spirit just a little bit.

Season Two, Episode Six
A Closet Full of Hell
Original Air Date: October 28th, 1998

Dharma and Greg find a secret room in their new apartment full of dolls and are spooked when two new dolls that look exactly like Dharma and Greg suddenly appear. You can find it on Hulu and on YouTube.

Halloween Thoughts:
This is an episode that aired near Halloween but wasn’t Halloween themed. However it does have a spooky theme and while there is nothing scary about this Chuck Lorre sitcom, they make great use of an attic full of dolls. This is a very funny episode, with Dharma losing her mind over the idea of dolls being alive in her closet and that makes it a fun, easy watch. It doesn’t really get me in the Halloween spirit, since there is no Fall references or any Halloween decorations, but its worth a watch.

Halloween Theme: C
Re-Watchability: B

Season Three, Episode Six
The Very Grateful Dead
Original Air Date: October 26th, 1999

Dharma is ‘possessed’ by the spirit of a deceased neighbor woman who never lived fully. You can find it on Hulu and on YouTube.

Halloween Thoughts:
I would argue that all three episodes of Dharma and Greg that aired around Halloween, don’t really embrace the holiday. You will see costumes in this episode, but only one scene of costumes is because of the holiday. Still, the writers don’t shy away from playing with the “what is truly supernatural” in the story and that makes for a fun, spooky time. I will say, this episode didn’t do a lot for me, and while it’s not terrible, you can find better ways to fill your Halloween watchlist.

Halloween Theme: C
Re-Watchability: C

Season Five, Episode 7
Used Karma
Original Air Date: October 30th, 2001

Dharma’s worried about karma and Greg when his personality starts to resemble that of the previous owner of a car she buys. You can find it on Hulu and on YouTube.

Halloween Thoughts:
This episode is actually very funny. I wouldn’t say it has a Halloween feel, since there is only one small scene where you see costumes and decorations in the background, but it’s a fun episode that makes you really wonder if Greg is being influenced by the death of the previous owner. Overall, this is one of the better episodes of season five, and I do recommend it but it’s hard to recommend it as a Halloween episode.

Halloween Theme: C
Re-Watchability: A

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