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Dinosaur Dracula Fun Pack

By far, the longest running website/blogger that I’ve followed has been Matt from Dinosaur Dracula. His original website, X-Entertainment provided me with hours of entertainment around 2000-2001. Since then I’ve followed his various blog incarnations along with his podcast The Purple Stuff. Matt has no doubt played a part in inspiring me to keep up with my retro passion and look for the stuff that most people forgot about.

Several years ago, Matt began offering a monthly funpack on his website. Each month the contents vary but usually contain some off the wall retro goodness along with exclusive stories, food items, trading cards, etc. Unfortunately, these are in such high demand most are already accounted for by reoccuring subscribers but sometimes a few extras are available. They go fast and while I’ve had an opportunity or twice to snag one, I never did until now.

A week ago, I was browsing my RSS Feeder when I saw Matt’s monthly prize pack announcement. It looked incredible. The highlight was a 14 x 14 McDonalds translite, the flexible plastic signs that hung in McDonalds to advertise food promos or Happy Meals.

This month’s pack is an all-art pack due to the crazy incredible McDonald’s translite. Also included is a 12 x 12 Ghoul Aid print, a bring back Turtles Pie bumper sticker, and Apple Cinnamon Cheerios mini-poster, a Grimace sicker, a 1992 Star Pics trading car promo sheet, and some Sour Power Belts.

I’ll be honest, this is a lot of retro junk that I really don’t need, but the excitement of the McDonalds promo was too much to pass up. I just wanted to experience a Fun Pack and this one seemed perfect for me.

Yesterday my box arrived (or rather large envelope) and not only did it include everything but also a second translite!! Here’s what it all looked like.

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