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Done with Amazon

I have my issues with Amazon. Their treatment of their employees is disappointing and the selling of cheap electronics in order to spy on you is disgusting. As well as how they formed their Amazon Basics brand, how much counterfeit products exist, and the list goes on and on.

Despite all of this, the one thing you couldn’t complain about was Amazon service. It was fantastic with deliveries within two days. They built their entire business on two day free shipping, but over the years, things have been decaying. First the two day delivery began to be phased out and then the service began dropping. They made it difficult to get in contact with customer service and put barriers between you and the agents.

They licensed out their deliveries to various start up companies who rent out U-Hauls or even use their personal cars to deliver packages. These drivers aren’t employees and don’t have any stake in the game. Take a look on OfferUp or Craigslist for new items in the box. I would guess most of these fell out of the back of someones 2001 Civic on their way to deliver packages.

Recently, I’ve had a couple of major delivery issues with Amazon. The first took place when the Amazon driver swapped my package with someone else in my apartment building. This would normally be no problem, but the apartment buiding charges me $10 a month to use an Amazon locker, so when I put in my code and ended up with someone else’s item, it was up to me to drive to their apartment and try and get mine back.

It didn’t go smooth at all. The person didn’t care and despite saying they would go get my package from the Amazon Locker, they never did. I was forced to fight to get through to Amazon Customer Service to get a refund on my item. It wasn’t easy and quite frankly, it wasn’t my fault. I paid Amazon to deliver something and they made a mistake. It shouldn’t take me two hours to resolve it.

Then this week, I ordered a bedframe from Amazon. We picked up a mattress at CostCo and decided Amazon would be our best bet for a good deal. The original delivery date was Sunday when we’d both be home. Of course, that was delayed until Monday. So, I rushed home after work to beat the delivery window. I walked the dog and stayed near the front door so my package wouldn’t remain outside. After forty-five minutes, I decided to check the tracking and it showed it was delivered to my front door. Was it there? Of course not.

I walked to my mail box and to my backporch and of course it wasn’t there. I was nearby the door and would have heard the delivery driver approach, but he never did. I’d seen his unmarked white van driving around while I was walking the dog, so my only guess is he delivered it someplace wrong or he stole it.

I reached out to Amazon, but they won’t allow you to submit a ticket until twenty-four hours have passed. As much as I hate it, I went onto social media because that’s the only way to get a company’s attention these days.

Of course, that was useless. Just a bunch of BS pre-written phrases to make the company look like they care. It got me no where.

Earlier today, my wife got a call that our package was found a few buildings over. Luckily, a nice person took the package in and called the office to get our phone number. I know mistakes happen, but it happens a lot now. That is what happens when you treat your employees bad and give them unreasonable time limits to complete their job.

Amazon has officially become more trouble then they are worth. It’s frustrating to have to worry about not getting your packages due to their driver’s fault. It’s even more frustrating that there customer service isn’t what it used to be. So, when my Prime Membership expires, I won’t be renewing. I’m all about trying to live a simple life and Amazon no longer fits into that equation.

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