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Dreaming of a Void

Last night I had a dream that has shaken me a bit. As I describe this, you are going to think it’s quite morbid, but trust me, it’s not.

So, after I fell asleep I don’t remember much. I just existed in a large white void. It wasn’t a room per say, and didn’t have any defining shapes, but I knew I was somewhere that was white, relaxing, and silent. In this void, I just existed with no pain, no worry, no anxiety, and no thoughts. I was just there, breathing, and feeling content. I don’t know if I was sitting or standing or hovering or what, but I was just one with this void and it was amazing.

After a few hours (of sleep maybe or maybe it felt like a few hours in my dream) I realized that I was just existing in this strange place and I remembered I needed to go to work. So, I attempted to wake myself from this void and that’s when I realized I had been lost in here for the entire night and most of the following day. I was actually waking up after my work shift and when I glanced at my phone, no one had texted me. I found it strange that no one from worked had reached out, but I was more consumed with this idea of where did I go and what happened to my mind. I labeled it a mental breakdown.

A storm woke me up for real and I couldn’t help but think about this dream. Once I got back to sleep and woke up at 6 AM for work, the dream came right back into my mind. As I showered, I thought about how peaceful and relaxing the void was and that’s when I started to think that it wasn’t a mental breakdown in the dream, but maybe I died. And if I died in the dream, did I possibly die in real life? Because I don’t think I’ve ever been that relaxed, content, happy, and peaceful ever. Not in a dream or when I was awake.

I spent a good portion of the morning thinking about this dream and what it means or if it was even real. You’d think a dream that is potentially about death would be scary, but the relief and peace that I felt in this place was anything but. It was better than I could have ever imagined and in a way lessened my fear of dying some. Because if that is what the afterlife is really like, then I am not concerned at all about existing in such a manner once I pass.

I don’t believe in dream interpretations, new age beliefs or anything like that, but this was a unique experience in my life that has really resonated with me. I may follow up with some more thoughts on the dream at a later date.

Soundtrack of the Day:
“One Thousand Faces” by Creed
“Inside Out” by Spoon

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