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Entertainment Disappointment

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m more disappointed in entertainment than I am impressed. I’m not sure if it’s the over marketing, but it seems like things rarely deliver.

In regard to television I’ve consumed recently, it’s been a series of disappointments. Whether it’s AEW or Obi-Wan, nothing is quite hitting the marks for me. Are these shows not good or am I just not in a place to appreciate them right now? I’m not sure. I just know that I’d rather watch a 90’s sitcom I’ve seen before than watch either one of them as of late.

I hate to be negative when it comes to media, because I’m at the tail end of of that core 18-39 demographic and I also know were over encumbered with new stories across a wide spectrum of platforms. But taking a two hour story and stretching it across eight episodes doesn’t do much for me, nor does terrible CGI that takes me out of the story, two items it seems most shows embrace as of late.

The depressing tone so many shows and movies carry these days doesn’t do much for me either. It’s so exhausting watching the non-stop bleakness. I’m a huge Batman fan, but I turned off the latest film after thirty minutes because I honestly had no interest in squinting and watching a depressed, whiny Bruce Wayne for another two hours.

It makes me wonder if I’m just going through something right now, or if I’m just frustrated from being burned so much. Every movie and show is hyped as the next best thing and then when it fails, everyone saves face and talks about how they knew it wasn’t great or how they’ll do better next time. This cycle is just exhausting.

I will say, last year, I LOVED Spiderman, Scream, and Ghostbusters. Right now, I’m still incredibly engaged by Better Call Saul, The Mandalorian, and Resident Alien. There isn’t much coming out that I’m looking forward to, but maybe that will change with some new announcements.

The video game landscape isn’t much better and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m just at a place where I need to go back in time and watch and play the things I love or look for some gems that I might have missed.

Then again, maybe I’m just getting older. Maybe my priorities are shifting and maybe the value I once saw in certain things is wearing off.

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