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Fall Nostalgia

There is something about the temperature change in Fall that makes me happy. I’m guessing it’s part of the relief from the heat combined with the fond memories from my childhood that took place in the Fall.

I have so many micro-memories that pop up related to the Fall such as:

-watching Home Improvement

-watching NFL and collecting the red Coke can tabs

-being outside and enjoying a nice warm sweatshirt

It just seems like Fall was always full of good things and less of the bad.

Last night, I lost power in my apartment for a few hours. Not having access to my electronics and for once, my neighbors being quiet, I had time to just sit and think, like I used to. I allowed my mind to wander in-between naps and I couldn’t help but notice some of these Fall memories stirring their way into my consciousness.

One such memory took place around 2002-2003, as I was living with my Dad and stepmom and had just purchased my 1994 Mazda Miata. I spent almost every weekend outside cleaning it while listening to the likes of 3 Doors Down or Matchbox 20. Being the type of guy who is instantly attacked by bugs the moment I walk out the door and living in a very humid and hot climate, I don’t spent as much time outdoors as I wish. It’s just not comfortable. But those days in the early 2000’s were different. It was the Fall, and the bugs were no where to be found. I didn’t have a smartphone, nor anything pressing to do 24/7. I just spent my days working on movie scripts, watching Kevin Smith commentaries, and cleaning my car when I got bored. Man, do I sometimes miss boredom.

I was content with life. I had my whole future ahead of me and my biggest concern was how shiny I could get the white racing stripes on my car.

We experience some of the best moments of our lives and we don’t even realize it until they are gone. Sort of like folks who we lose in death, we don’t realize how much we take for granted or how we don’t stop a moment or two and think, “Damn, this is good.”

Fall helps remind me that not everything is terrible. I welcome my nostalgic moments and I hope more will continue to bubble to the surface.

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