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Finishing Off Facebook

I don’t have a Facebook profile, but I still have an account. I kept my account open so that I could utilize Messenger and WhatsApp for a few people. I also have an Instagram account that’s not linked to my Facebook account, but let’s be honest, Facebook has already figured that out.

When I re-opened my Instagram a few months back, I did so at the behest of several friends who convinced me I was missing out. I decided to approach IG differently this time around and I made an account that only followed friends. No companies, strangers, or products. I kept my world small so that I could focus and enjoy what my friends shared. Sadly, they didn’t share much and at times what they shared was content that I didn’t want to consume. Like most people online, they get wrapped up in fades, gimmicks, politics, and religion… also known as the stuff that I’m quite sick of.

When I was off of Instagram, I would get texts with pictures of truly important content. No one sent me their political or social justice memes, but usually family photos or memes of common interests. If it was important it found its way to me and the rest was clutter.

I’ve been meditating on this decision for a solid month now, but I’m ready to completely close out all connections to Facebook. This means informing the few people I interact with on Messenger to begin texting me and converting the one person I video chat with over to Signal.

I don’t feel like I’m getting anything of value from my Facebook account. My life is not enriched and the little that I do use it for isn’t worth the privacy invasion that I have to endure.

I had some time this weekend to do some reflecting and I realized that the more intentional I’ve been with how I utilize my time online has had a direct impact on my mood. I feel like this is the next healthy step in the right direction for me.

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