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Fraiser – The Reboot Final Thoughts

Well, the final episode of Fraiser was released today and the first season of the sequel series is complete. I shared my thoughts and excitement for the season a few weeks ago, and I thought I’d follow it up with a short post on how everything turned out.

I looked forward to each episode every week, although it was far from Must See TV. Kelsey Grammar and the new cast members did a good job of telling some fun little stories, that never felt quite like Fraiser, but were still enjoyable. It was a little dumb at times, and I think they may have leaned into the blue collar/firefighter thing a bit too much and without a doubt, Niles and Daffney were sorely missed. Kelsey Grammar is at his best when he can play off someone else, and sadly the cast he was given didn’t offer him many opportunities to have a battle of wits.

The two big cameos of the series came towards the end and that was Lillith and Roz. Lillith’s episode may have been the highlight of the season, as her bickering with Fraiser never grows old. Roz, which I was most excited about, was a disappointment due to how very little screentime she was given.

I was quite happy the final episode was a Christmas episode, and that it featured a Crane party. It had some fun moments in it, but it didn’t feel like a bookend, so I’m hoping the series gets another season. I do feel the characters started to get their footing towards the end of the season and I would expect a second season to be an improvement, as it is in most TV series.

Ultimately, if they choose not to renew Fraiser, I understand. Similar to Mad About You, the show is mostly propped up by nostalgia for these characters. If Fraiser was a show starring anyone other than Kelsey Grammar as Fraiser Crane, I wouldn’t have watched it past the first episode. Still, I’m glad Fraiser has a place in 2023

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