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Friday Nights

Last Friday, I was getting off work and I had a bit of a flashback to my teen years. While I’m always nostalgic for the joy of ordering a pizza and picking up some videos, there were some Fridays when that didn’t happen. Fridays when I spent time channel surfing looking for something to watch. Then suddenly I remembered Dinner and a Movie.

I was always drawn to hosted movie shows like Joe Bob Brigg’s Monstervision or Dinner and a Movie. Thanks to Shudder, I get to relive and experience all new Joe Bob hosted films, but Dinner and a Movie was something I had completely forgotten about.

Dinner and a Movie aired on TBS from 1995-2011, and essentially was two hosts cooking a themed meal while watching a movie. It was, almost like you were there with friends watching along. They would periodically break into the film and show how the cooking was progressing and it was super laid back. Nobody was yelling or trying to cram information at you, it was simply dinner and a movie.

I found someone who recently restored some Dinner and a Movie clips to a few of the films and I plan on reliving my old Friday nights down the road, but I realized that I don’t really have a Friday night ritual anymore and I miss it.

My wife isn’t a huge pizza fan and there aren’t any video stores to go browse anymore, but I thought maybe I should bring back the ritual aspect of those Friday nights. We already watch TV most Friday nights, so why not “intentionally” watch a movie. Why not find something we can make easily (and maybe a bit more healthy) to enjoy with said movie. And even better, why not try and watching a horror film, since we both enjoy the genre and there’s always something fun to watch.

So, beginning tonight, our new Friday night ritual begins. Last night, we bought some premade pizza dough and some random toppings. I’m making a basic cheese and turkey pepperoni pizza, while she is making a twist on a hamburger pizza using freshly ground duck thigh. (My wife has a beef and pork allergy, so we must work with what we got.) The movie on deck? Smile, a creepy looking film that’s streaming on Paramount+.

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