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Friday Pizza Night – Week 4

Last week, we took our Friday Pizza Night off since Brandy had some work stuff and we were preparing to travel to Charlotte the following day. We are going to change things up going forward, because despite a solid start, Brandy’s still not a pizza fan and I think I’ve run this into the ground a bit with her. So, we’re going to maybe swap out foods for a month to cook together and watch a movie on Friday evenings.

Tonight, however, we used up the remaining ingredients and I purchased Trader Joe’s pre-made crust instead of dough we needed to prep ourselves. It saved time and was pretty darn good. Brandy made a macaroni and cheese pizza and I went with a turkey pepperoni and cheese.

Brandy chose the movie and went with The Emperor’s New Groove. I’m not much of a Disney guy, but I liked the cast of this flick and there isn’t any singing, so that made it a very nice quick, 75 minute watch. It was so quick, we ended up watching M3GAN right after and that was a delight.

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