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I’ve always been quite flexible for a guy my size and as I’ve gotten older (and lazier) I’ve retained much of that flexibility except for when it comes to my hamstrings. My hamstrings have become so tight it’s almost difficult to bend over at times.

Today, I set out on a daily routine of increasing mobility in my hamstrings. I’ve already adopted stretching for a minimum of five minutes a day this week, but I want to pay special attention to my hamstrings. So, I’ve done a little research and have found a few positions I can easily practice while at work. It’ll be something I should be able to do every day and I’m hoping I can increase the length of holds/sets as time goes on.

Right now, I’m doing a simple bend over and attempt to touch your toes, three times for 15-30 seconds. I’ll follow that up by placing each leg extended individually on a chair and leaning over for three sets of 15-30 seconds. Then when I get home and do my stretches, I’ll spread my legs and crawl my hands out just to get a good stretch in.

I’m a bit afraid to overstretch it, since it is so tight, but I think with a little patience and consistency I can regain that mobility and be better for it.

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