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I’m Done Fighting

In high school, I took my dad to the local comic book store with me on a Wednesday afternoon. Three guys were standing around in a heated discussion about The Sixth Sense. Hands were slapping the counter, voices were being raised, and it was embarrassing. My father never understood my interests and his agreement to accompany me into the comic book store came at the worst possible time. Instead of having a moment to share my passion and explain why comics were more than funny books, he got to witness a bunch of grown men acting like children in a pointless debate.

At one time in my life, I enjoyed those same sorts of pointless arguments like the men were making that day in the comic store. But then those arguments grew tiresome and now, most arguments seem tiresome to me.

I no longer have any interest in trying to convince anyone to do anything. I’ll recommend a movie or TV show to a friend with similar interests, but I’m not wasting my time trying to sell it to someone. I just don’t care that much. You think my favorite book is terrible? That’s nice. Moving along.

I’m not sure where this desire to argue over the most frivolous things originated at nor why it is accepted as normal. The things I witness people get heated over just blow my mind. Sports? Politics? Movies? Television shows? True crime documentaries? Really? Are these the hills we want to die on?

I get defending your beliefs and values. There seems to be some substance in that sort of behavior, but actively arguing and feeling entitled to be crappy to someone else over something as silly as a sport score or casting choice in a movie seems ridiculous.

A few years ago, I attended a local Carolina Hurricanes game. I was rooting for the Nashville Predators, a team I saw play a lot while living in Tennessee. I was wearing a Predators baseball cap at the time and after the game was over, I got harassed by a Hurricanes fan in the parking lot. It was so beyond absurd that I haven’t attended a game since. I’m not a big enough of a hockey fan to argue with some guy in a parking lot after a game, especially over something as stupid as a score created by a bunch of millionaires who seemingly could care less what team they are playing for nor the fans.

I struggle to comprehend what must go on in someone’s mind to compel them to approach someone else and just start attacking them. Is it really that serious? Will you even remember the score a week from now? Maybe I’m just lazy, but I do not have the energy for that.

This all plays into why I desire a quiet life now. It’s why I like my secluded part of the internet and hopefully one day, a more secluded spot in real life. I’m done fighting with people and have been done for many years now. I have less of a tolerance for it as I grow older, and I just don’t see the point. Live your own life, like what you like, and let others like what they like. Life is so much easier this way.

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