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King of the Hill – Halloween Episodes

Every holiday season I get nostalgic for 90’s TV. I believe the marketing gurus who created holiday blocks of television in the 90’s really got their hooks into me and it just doesn’t feel like the holidays if I’m not watching some 90’s sitcoms. Every year, I watched Roseanne, Home Improvement, and a handful of others. Recently, I decided to expand on the shows that I watch and dove into some holiday episodes I’ve never seen before or do not remember.

My recaps are pretty simple. I provide a spoiler free synopsis, discuss how the show utilizes the Halloween theme, and then grade the show on the usage of the Halloween theme, and whether or not its rewatchable.

I hope you enjoy these holiday special posts and I hope they help you get into the Halloween spirit just a little bit.

Season Two, Episode Four
Original Air Date: October 26th, 1997

Hank is excited about Halloween until a woman complains and the holiday canceled.

Halloween Thoughts:
This is a fantastic Halloween episode and its pretty amazing that it came so early in King of the Hill’s creation. The episode deals with the nostalgia of Halloween (Hank wanting to re-live his past) and the overbearing concern that there is something inherently evil about Halloween. Anyone who is upset that Halloween isn’t what it used to be will definitely enjoy this episode.

Halloween Theme: A
Re-Watchability: A

Season Seven, Episode Nine
Original Air Date: January 12th, 2003

Luanne is wooed by millionaire Trip Larsen… who has bizarre plans for her.

Halloween Thoughts:
This is a bizarre episode of King of the Hill. It really loses touch with reality and the last couple of minutes are straight out of a horror film. In a weird way, I can see some similarities to Kevin Smith’s Tusk in this episode, which is a bit disturbing.

The episode contains quite a few Halloween decorations and a brief mention of toilet papering a house, but other than providing a setting for this unconventional story the Halloween theme is barely used.

Halloween Theme: C
Re-Watchability:  D


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  1. Hard to believe the series only had 2 Halloween episodes. Maybe they only made 2 because they would get preempted by baseball. Hilloween is one of my favorite episodes of the series.

    • Agreed! KOTH really didn’t do any holiday specials worth remembering. Crazy to think it ran 13 seasons and didn’t make an impact in the holiday episode department.

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