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Looking Back on 2020 So Far

On Monday, June begins and we are officially half way into 2020. What a strange and interesting year it has been so far.

I spent some time thinking about January, which seems like it was so long ago. I was working out the details of two trips to Tennessee in May, a trip to California in October, and possibly one or two more in between. I was trying to find the perfect date to attend another AEW show using our air line miles and I was following a few comic cons, concerts, and other fun outings to possibly do over the next few months. Plus there was some wedding planning going on.

Some family drama was spilling over from last year on my fiancée’s side, and my family was beginning some of their own. My work wasn’t going great and I was actively looking and planning an exit for spring/early summer.

Also, I was eagerly waiting for the new Bond film to come out in April.

I guess, like everyone else in the world, I had things I planned on doing that didn’t get done. Some disappointments were big, others were small, and in some ways things weren’t so bad. Staying at home more meant we saved more money, and thanks to the stimulus checks I was able to get out of debt quicker than expected.

As much as I was disappointed and annoyed with my job, I feel lucky that might job held out through the pandemic and I didn’t lose hours or forced to take a pay cut.

I’ve been writing since early January, almost on a daily basis. Its been my favorite year blogging yet and the move to was a blessing. I now have found a community that I enjoy participating in and its nice to find likeminded folks who appreciate a good personal blog.

I’m not exactly what to expect in the next six months, so I suppose I’m just not expecting anything. I’m trying to take things day-by-day and be as happy as I can possibly be. I anticipate more family drama, more work conflict, and more pandemic stress, but honestly, I can’t worry about that right now. I just need to breathe.

The Good

-I’ve stayed employed and paid off my debt.
-I’ve hit a grove with my blogging that I’m happy with.
The Bad

-The relationship with my family has deteriorated.
-Mentally I’m not where I want to be.

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