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Mad Max – The Game

Mad Max is a franchise that I don’t know a lot about. I haven’t even seen all of the movies. I know I watched the first one, because it was released on DVD with the original voice track and that was a huge deal at the time. I bought it, watched it, and can’t tell you anything about it. Then I watched the most recent film, that everyone gushed over, and I just don’t think I got it. I feel like I need to sit down and rewatch both films and see if I can get my head around this franchise.

Despite all this, I’ve been playing the Mad Max video game as of late. I bought it cheap a few years ago (or maybe it was a PS+ monthly title) and I’ve started it twice before, but never got much past the first mission. I like the open world aspect and it has an amazing vibe, but I just didn’t commit.

A few weekends ago, I found myself looking over my gaming collection and wondering what I could play that might interest me. I’ve always been fond of third person adventure games, so I decided to give Mad Max a honest try. I made my way through an hour of gameplay and found myself hooked. Not “I can’t put this down hooked” but hooked enough to be interested in proceeding.

The post-apocalyptic atmosphere is truly what captured my attention, along with the brutal Arkham style combat, fun vehicle combat, and the feeling that you are truly in-danger when being hunted by overly powerful clans and psychos. The game has simple tasks like tearing down scarecrows and looting areas, that are interesting enough to really keep you crossing them off the map.

The upgrade system is also great, with skills, cars, and personal Mad Max abilities all eligible to upgrade as you move along the game. It’s one game where I truly feel like I’m constantly working towards being better with everything I do, instead of just at random or a set point like other games.

Time will tell if I complete Mad Max, but I’ve put several hours into it and I’m really enjoying it. It’s simple and fun and feels satisfying to play. Give it a shot if you like Mad Max or open world gameplay that’s a bit different.

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