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Monster of the Week

Not too long ago, I read something online that mentioned Smallville was a bit like The X-Files. Immediately my mind thought, “That’s an absurd comparison” but the more I thought about it, the more it’s accurate. Smallville, like many shows over the years, adopted the The X-Files Monster of the Week format that worked so well. Each week, Clark and his friends dealt with someone or something (usually enhanced by a meteor). There’s an overarching storyline that comes into play, and well, outside of a convoluted mythology, Smallville did things The X-Files way, like Supernatural and so many other shows.

I miss these shows. I miss the self-contained stories that deal with a threat and things go back to normal by the end. Being a fan of genre shows, I really miss The X-Files, Stargate, and Star Trek. Strange New Worlds is currently offering this style of storytelling, but that is about the only show airing that I know that still embraces it. Of course, plenty of police procedurals still tell stories this way, but those aren’t usually my cup of tea.

I was reading a blog post this morning about the potential for an X-Files reboot and the more I think about it, the more I’d like to see it. I’d love a clean slate, where they could build upon a mythology while offering Monster of the Week stories once again. Then again, if they don’t have a clear vision (or even an ending in mind) I’d prefer them just to stick to a Monster of the Week story. Not too unlike Project Blue Book. Just have a couple of agents traveling around and investigating weird on-goings.

I’m not holding my breath for a X-Files reboot, but I’m definitely hoping for one.

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