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Movies Watched in August 2022

Prey – You can find my review on Prey here, but overall, I enjoyed it. It was a refreshing Predator movie.

Total Recall (1990) – I had this film on VHS and used to watch it all the time. It’s been over ten years since I’ve seen it and I still really enjoyed it. The set design is wonderful, and Arnold is a ton of fun to watch. I loved the late 80’s/early 90’s sci fi feel.

I, Robot – I saw this in theater back when it came out and I’m not sure if I’ve watched it since. It was an enjoyable ride, but very forgettable. Had I not written down that I’d seen it I probably would have left it off this list.

I will say the special effects hold up surprisingly well and Alan Tudyk’s performance is charming.

Grim Prairie Tales – You can read the full review here, but this was a movie I’ve been waiting thirty years to watch and probably should have found something better to do with my time.

The Black Phone – This film had an excellent trailer and I really enjoyed. It’s not as horror as they advertised it, but a fun, intense little film that was well worth a watch.

Insidious 4: The Last Key – I’m surprised I made to this film. I haven’t loved this franchise, and I was dreading this film since it was said to be the worse of the series. I strongly disagree. I may have enjoyed this sequel the best of all of them. It’s a bit goofy but at least it tries something new.

The Curve – This was another film I’ve been waiting a couple of decades to watch and should have been avoided. Ugh… a couple of college students decided to convince their roommate to commit suicide so they will get 4.0s for the semester. Sadly, that is set up and then nothing happens for the next two hours. It did have some nice twists at the end, despite not making a ton of sense.

The Mummy Returns – I’ve seen The Mummy half a dozen times but I’ve only watched Returns once before. All I could remember was The Rock and that CGI scene. This film loses some of the charm of the original by cutting down on the personality of Rachel Weisz character who really stole the show in the first films. There is also a plot line that sorta contradicts the first film and made it less enjoyable.

Fletch – I was inspired to watch this Chevy Chase classic by the new Jon Hamm Fletch movie coming out. It holds up well and has a fantastic score done by the same guy who did Beverly Hills Cop and Top Gun.

Fletch Lives – I decided to follow Fletch up with its sequel. This film isn’t quite as good as the first due to the hokey Southern plot but it still has me laughing and was a good time.

Old School – I know for many folks this is a classic. I’m not sure if I’ve watched it or not but I can say for sure now. It was decent. The first half was definitely better than the second half, but I’d take Road Trip over this any day.

Movies I Quit:
Allergoria – I saw the trailer for this one-hour long film by Spider One. The makeup effects looked intense, but this is an art film made up of random pretentious scenes about artists. I was done after twenty minutes.

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