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My Final Reddit Moment

Surprisingly, I didn’t delete reddit once Apollo and the other apps went dark, but my use of it dramatically decreased. Whereas I would spend an hour or more on reddit in the past, I found myself on there maybe five or ten minutes at best. Most days I avoided it altogether.

Then today, I got free referral codes for The Pump Club. I saw a guy asking for a code, so I responded and gave him my code. He deleted his message and then popped up shilling his own codes and well… it got under my skin.

I don’t get into flame wars or arguments online, but this guy made me snap. He didn’t say thank you, he didn’t even acknowledge my response. Then when I called him out, he still didn’t read my response and just send me a code. It’s obvious he’s fishing for kudos and its was beyond ridiculous.

I shouldn’t have tried to be nice, nor should I have engaged him, but there I was, involved in a stupid internet argument like I was twelve years old. I knew that was the moment to delete the account. So, I did. Goodbye Reddit.

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