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My Friend and His Hobby

I have a friend who texts me daily about his irritations with the world. Protests, COVID, sports, and politics are some of the topics we discuss. The conversations are always negative. It’s always about what someone did stupid or why everything is going to Hell. Day in and day out I get these texts and I wonder why.

I recently began telling my friend to join me in the little bubble and avoid all that stuff. Get off Twitter I tell him. Stop engaging and enraging. I encourage him to realize his place in the world and try to find the happy moments. I tell him his texts, his tweets, and Instagram stories won’t change anyone’s mind.

He just ignores me.

A few hours later I get another text about how this country has turned weak.

Rarely do I disagree with my friend. I mirror his sentiment most of the time, but I just don’t have an interest in mentally abusing myself. I’ve done everything I can over the past couple of years to reduce the amount of stress and chaos in my life and I have no interest in inviting it back in. That makes me wonder, why does anyone? Are we so starved for community and respect that we feel like its necessary to participate?

I realized my friend isn’t going to change. He ignores me because if he listened he would have nothing to talk about. His life is empty and this is his hobby. He surfs the internet to find things to be pissed off about. Some people crochet or build puzzles, he just gets pissed off. It makes him feel important.

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