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Last year, I wrote a post about Radiant Black, a new comic series by Kyle Higgins. Since that post, the Radiant Black series and Universe has expanded dramatically and become some of the best books on the market.

One of the things helping propel the book is author’s Kyle Higgins vision for something beyond just writing comics. He does unique marketing tie-ins, autographs in ink only seen in black lights, operates hidden podcasts, and creates limited run merchandise.

For his next project, No/One he’s taking it one step further with more interactive elements.

No/One is a ten-issue series running ten months about a hacktivist turned vigilante on the loose in Pittsburgh. A viral video has already showed on a fictional run Pittsburgh news Twitter account. Accompanying the book each month will be a podcast hosted by Rachel Leigh Cook and Patton Oswalt, as two reporters trying to uncover the case. There will be more in-verse websites, social media, and there is even this strange website that I have a feeling will rock once the clues drop and the login is figured out.

From the newsletter I received by Kyle:
“This series is Batman meets ANONYMOUS. A gritty noir superhero series perfect for the true crime junkie set in the world outside your window, centered on a digital hacktivist turned vigilante who incites a dangerous accountability killing movement in Pittsburgh.”

That sounds interesting!

In 2001, EA launched a video game that reminded me a lot of the movie The Game. The game was called Majestic and consisted of elements to make you feel part of an alternate world. You could get phone calls, instant messages, emails, and websites to help unravel a mystery. It was a super neat concept that I’m surprised hasn’t been expanded upon with new technology. Still, I love the idea of pulling someone into a universe, even it’s for a limited time and that has made No/One become one of my most anticipated media releases this year.

I’ll follow this post up in the future once No/One is released and I get to experience it all firsthand. I just wanted to give anyone a heads up who might be interested in this unique concept.

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