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Oh, I Had That: Magic Johnson Double Jam

 I’ve previously talked about how big basketball was in my life in the 80’s and 90’s. It was arguably my main interest and something I obsessed over. I had various balls, collectibles, Starting Lineup figures, cards, books, and posters highlighting my favorite sport on display throughout my room.

I was a Michael Jordan fan first, but I also like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Somehow, I ended up with two Magic Johnson branded items that I’m still a bit surprised about.

The first one is Magic Johnson Double Jam, an over the door basketball game that made sounds and kept score of you. I’d spend HOURS dunking and shooting from across the room and begging my brother to play with me. It would be another few years before I got an actual basketball goal of my own, so this goal was my life!

In a slightly weirder and more unusual item, I ended up with a stuffed Magic Johnson, which was clearly a knock off of Wrestling Buddies. I really wanted a Wrestling Buddy but I never got one, and somehow this creepy dude ended up in my posession. His sole purpose? Acting as a wrestling buddy for me. You can see him in this photo of my room circa 1993.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, I see Richard Petty Pepsi bottles, and a Dale Earnhardt Sun Drop bottle on the top shelf in that picture. Nice collection for the ’90s.

    • You are correct sir! Must haves for any kid from North Carolina. There’s also a can of UNC Coke stashed on that shelf.

    • Man, I’m super impressed! From the angle it definitely looks like an ‘84 but it actually is a Richard Petty telephone from 1992. I loved that phone but it had headlights that lit up red when it rang which bugged me for some reason ha!

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