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Oh, I Had That: Teddy Ruxpin

On my third birthday, I opened up a gift that was both amazing and terrifying at the same time: Teddy Ruxpin. It was a toy I never knew I wanted, a talking bear who would read you stories thanks to a hidden cassette deck located in his back.

My first encounter with Teddy sent me running into another room. My grandfather recorded himself talking to me and placed the cassette in Teddy’s deck. He cut a hole in the wrapping so he could turn Teddy on and well… out of no where this bear started saying my name and I went running into the other room.

Luckily, everyone calmed me down and I got to see Teddy for what he really was. A very uncomfortable friend with a soft voice.

I held onto Teddy for several years as a child, but like most gimmick toys, he really didn’t get all that much use. I honestly do not have any other memories of Teddy outside of that birthday party.

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Despite all this, when I think about my childhood toys, the list is not complete with Teddy.

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