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Please Stop Talking at Me

A few months back, I was reading through some of the earliest blogs that I had written and I was mortified by what I saw. I was in my early twenties, cocky, and my writing was an embarrassment. I cannot tell you how many times I found myself talking to the audience in brash ways like, “Well if you don’t go see this movie, then you’re an idiot” and I may have toned down that quote just a slight bit.

I realized that my tone some fifteen plus years ago, is not too unlike what I see on the internet now. While I’m mortified by it, it seems that others have adopted it for daily use. The name calling, the “I know better than you know” attitude, and general unpleasantness is rampant. Even if you avoid places like Twitter, it seems this sort of talking down to your audience shows up in news sources, entertainment pages, and what-like. I guess, I expect it on social media, but not so much on a video game news site.

But, I guess this is the world we live in. You either agree with me or you are a fucking idiot. I don’t attempt to win you over with an intelligent, calm, explanation, instead I’m suppose to name call and shame you into changing your opinion. Wow… when did this happen.

It’s actually made reading a lot of the internet unpleasant for me. I’m sick of being talked at. I’m sick of people positioning me to sell me an idea or brand. I just would love for the information to be laid out without a motive behind it. But I feel like this sort of writing now extends past the internet as well and into alot of the non-fiction books that I come across. Well, at least those of the self-help nature. It’s all this talking at you and none of this having a dialogue with you. Which is funny, because when I open up a novel, I feel like the author is inviting me on a journey into a world of interesting characters and curious places and within it are no expectations for me to buy into anything. I’m not written to, instead I’m written for, and it’s okay for me accompany the writer on the journey and if I choose to stop the journey, no hard feelings. That story just wasn’t for me.

I’m beginning to feel the internet is not for me anymore. It’s almost like a reboot of what I grew up with. I loved the original and it’ll always hold a special place in my heart, but this new version isn’t for me. It wasn’t made for someone my age or emotional maturity, and that’s okay. It’s made with others in mind now.

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