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Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my video game habits. It seems like video games have lost a bit shine. I’m not sure if I just don’t have an interest in dedicating the time to games or if the type of games being made just don’t appeal to me as much, but I feel like I’m a bit over it.

The past six months, I’ve mainly played FIFA, which is ironic since I don’t care about soccer. There is something relaxing about turning off the commentary, turning on Spotify, and just playing. It’s more mindless than anything else for me.

Still, I’ve tried to get into some other games. I went as far as to purchase the new Playstation Plus Premiere to access more games to play and well… that was a waste of money. I might find ten minutes of enjoyment here or there, but nothing has truly caught my eye.

Tuesday night, I was browsing when I saw Rollerdrome pop up as a free trial on my Playstation. The game looked interesting since it was being marketed as Tony Hawk with guns and since Activision has cancelled all plans to make more Tony Hawk games, this was probably the closest I’d get to a new one.

I wasn’t expecting what Rollerdrome offered. The game has this crazy cell shaded design that comes across like something out of a 70’s comic book. The tone of the game and story are clearly inspired by Rollerball. The controls are relatively simple, and you could even go as far as saying the game play is basic. It’s a lot like Tony Hawk: easy to play, difficult to master.

My free trial was only thirty-five minutes, but between the awesome 70’s/80’s synth soundtrack and the catchy design, I was feeling it. I wasn’t very good my first few times out and the levels seemed to be a little sparce. Then, I got to the third level and things began to get interesting and suddenly, I’m doing all sorts of crazy tricks and linking together combos. I had to stop and figured I’d watch some TV and finish some chores, but ten minutes later, I was back at my PlayStation rebooting up the game.

I exhausted my free trial and almost pulled the trigger and bought it. I didn’t need to spend the money since I had just ordered Two Point Hospital the day before for my Switch, but man was I enjoying myself. I decided to watch some Psych and sleep on it. The next day I bought Rollerdrome.

I finished up the fourth level and then decided to go back and take everything I learned and try to unlock some of the goals from the previous levels. Things started flowing and there is this feeling you get when you are playing Tony Hawk and you are on the edge of chaos and you amaze yourself as you chain together trick after trick just waiting until your luck dries up and that’s the feeling Rollerdrome offers as well, except your dodging sniper shots and shooting your way to the time limit.

I’m not sure Rollerdrome is a great game for everybody, but if you are looking for something different, especially in choice of design, and want a game that isn’t going to bore you with ten-minute cut scenes then Rollerdrome is pretty awesome. It’s just a boot up and play type of game with a bit of that 70’s dystopian future combined with roller skates and grenades. So far, I’m loving it.

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