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Scre4m Video Game (2011)

In 2011, Scream 4 was released in theaters and all sorts of Scream merchandise was released to promote the film. The Scream trilogy was finally released on blu-ray, two new retrospectives were made, and all sorts of new Ghostface masks and Halloween costumes featuring the Scream 4 branding were sold everywhere from Dollar General to Party City. Also released (and sadly forgotten) was Scre4m, a Android/iOS video game.

The game was released on June 6th, 2011, a couple months after the Scream 4 movie was released. Scre4m was developed by The Weinstein Company (TWC) Games, Beefy Media and Codeglue using the Unity engine.

The game was pretty simple. You played as Ghostface and you attempted to kill off teenagers without being spotted. If you were spotted, the police get called, and you get arrested. The game was played by swiping your finger across the screen and guiding Ghostface to the kill.

Scre4m featured three levels: high school, frat party, and gym and seemed to channel the spirit of the movies well. I remember playing it on iOS and enjoying it quite a bit. It wasn’t a perfect game, but it was a fun way to spend a few minutes doing something horror related on your phone.

Scre4m unfortunately is no longer available on the App Store or Google Play, but I did managed to snag a clean .apk online. There is a complete walkthrough of the game on YouTube that I’ve posted below the following pictures.

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