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Sex Tape

A few months ago when the new Charlie’s Angels movie was released, I began to reminisce about the 2000 movie starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. It wasn’t the greatest movie ever, but I remember being highly entertained and the movie was a lot of fun which is something the 2019 version seemed to lack. This got me thinking about how much I enjoyed Cameron Diaz’s acting and comedy over the years and that led me to Wikipedia, where I learned that she had returned from acting a few years ago after finishing up Annie.

This bummed me in a way, because I think she was one of those actresses that always delivered and I just took it for granted. I decided that I wanted to check out the handful of her comedy flicks whenever I got a chance and when I found myself scrolling through Vudu looking for something new to watch I stumbled upon Sex Tape. I remember the trailer was great but the reviews were terrible and I never heard a good word about it. I actually bought it for a dollar a few years ago, so I’ve had it on my VUDU for quite some time and just never gave it a shot. I kinda wish I would have kept it that way.

The movie starts off good and Cameron Diaz is charming as usual. She plays up the sexiness but the movie never quite commits to the hard R that it should have. It’s almost as if they struggled deciding what rating to pursue and then they ended up with a PG-13 movie that is rated R just because of the title and a couple risky clothing scenes. Let’s be honest, a movie entitled Sex Tape that has no nudity is kinda pointless.

I was actually digging the movie for the first half. It was slow, prodding, and the script obviously needed work, but Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz managed to carry the story along and whenever Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper showed up on screen they stole the show. Honestly, as much as I like Segel and Diaz, I almost feel like swapping the roles of the couples might have made the movie work a bit better.

But by the mid-way point, you realize this movie is going nowhere and the script is just awful. I really feel like the cast all showed up and made the best of it, but the script just didn’t work. Towards the end, they attempted to throw some heart into the film and it just didn’t work and whatever commentary they were attempting to say about martial sexual problems failed to hit the mark.

I hate to admit it, but Sex Tape is just as bad as I heard it was. That was such a waste of good talent and a great title.

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