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Spooky Disney Shorts

As part of my Halloween Watching in 2020, I decided to hit up YouTube and find a few odds and ends to make the holiday season a little more magical. After reading a post by Kelsie at Kelsie Explains All, I went looking for classic Disney shorts.

We will start off with my favorite: Trick or Treat from 1952.

In this short, Huey, Dewey, and Louie are trick or treating when Donald decides to be a jerk to them. A nearby witch notices Donald’s rudeness and decides to plot revenge against him.

The next two shorts are musical numbers that include some quirky and memorable skeleton dancing.

The Skeleton Dance (1929)

The Haunted House (1929)

The final short I watched is The Old Mill (1937). It’s a little different from the other in that it deals with a group of animals who live in an anbadoned windmill and how they deal with a thunderstorm that destroys their habitat.

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