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The Difficulty Ramps Up

Everyone whose ever started a blog knows that things are great the first month. You’ve got all these opinions and things you want to share, heck you probably pre-wrote half a dozen posts before you even started the blog. That momentum carries you into the second month, but then comes the third month and it gets more difficult. You feel tapped out and maybe the blog wasn’t as successful as you thought it would be. Maybe your friends stopped reading after a post or two, and only your mom checks in here and there. So, you have a decision to make, do you push through or throw in the towel? Most folks throw in the towel.

You’ll see this same behavior repeat itself around New Years when folks begin working out or planning their resolutions. Money gets spent, the excitement of changing things up propels folks into action, but they are lucky to make it three months. Change is difficult and it comes at a price, a price most of us don’t want to pay.

This week has been a bit of a challenge for me. Burdened by some personal issues and not sleeping as well, I’ve struggled to balance both my workouts and rest time. Not only that, but we are also around the three-month mark of my fitness journey and things are leveling up. I’m getting stronger, but I’m also finding myself hungrier. I find myself desiring more diversity in my workouts. I also find myself wanting some of the foods I’ve been avoiding. I’m officially hitting that first big hill and it’s a bit of a struggle to get up.

I once heard, once you begin working out/changing your eating habits, you’ll notice some changes around three months and other folks will begin noticing around six months. I’ve always found this to be true, but one of the disappointing elements of this equation is the lack of positive feedback. Since other people don’t notice for six months, that means you are stuck alone trying to run up this mountain at three months.

I’m being patient. I’ve extended myself some grace and allowed myself a little extra rest this week and I’ve allowed my workout plan to change up. It’s not how I want every week to go, but this is a marathon not a race. I need to listen to my body, and if that means taking my two days off during the week instead of the weekend, that’s not a problem. If that means, trying out more Apple Fitness+ instead of hitting the punching bag as much, so be it. I will say, the one thing that has kept me 100% focused this week has been the Apple Watch. My desire to complete those stupid little rings is really something.

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