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The Horror Films of Samara Weaving

After last year’s hit, Ready or Not, it seems like Samara Weaving is horror’s new “it” girl. She’s quirky, cute, and bad-ass, all the things horror fans love in their final girl. It also helps that she’s a tremendous talent and I really hope she’ll continue to grace us in future horror films as her career continues.

With that being said, I thought I would be nice to look back at Samara’s previous contributions to the horror world.

Ready or Not (2019)
This may have been her most recent horror role, but it was by far her best. Samara portrayed Grace, a young bride that on the night of her wedding finds out she must participate in a game with her new in-laws. The game turns out to be Hide and Seek with weapons.

Over the course of the film, Grace goes from happy bride to distraught wife to sad victim to kickass survivor. Her outfit adapts to her attitude and Samara was given all sorts of material to showcase a variety of emotions. She did so with relative ease and the end product was a movie that she seemed to completely drive thanks to her infectious personality. This was a role that seemed catered specifically for her and I couldn’t image anyone else in it. It’s a must see, and Ready or Not has a rare five out of five rating by me.

The Babysitter (2017)
In my review of The Babysitter back in 2017, I mentioned that the only performance that stood out was that of Samara Weaving. She knocked it out of the park as Bee, the sexy babysitter turned evil queen. Her comedic timing was on point and she managed to display just enough of that evil edge to make you truly invested into her character.

I gave The Babysitter a three out of five rating. I think that rating holds up well and I wonder if her performance in The Babysitter is what led to her being cast in Ready or Not.

Mayhem (2017)
In Mayhem, Samara portrays Melanie Cross.

Mayhem is a movie that has been on my must watch list for three years. Thanks to this article, I finally took the dive and watched it. I really enjoyed it and both Steven Yuen along with Samara Weaving did fantastic jobs.

My review for Mayhem hasn’t been published yet, but when it is you’ll see a solid three out of five.

Ash vs The Evil Dead (2015)
Samara Weaving portrayed Heather in season one of Ash vs Evil Dead. She was the lone survivor of a group of campers who stumble upon Ash’s cabin. She’s only in three episodes (Ashes to Ashes, Bound in Flesh, and The Dark One). She becomes injured in the show and the cabin singles her out because of her weakness.

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