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The List

As mentioned in the last post, I sat down and tried to pour my soul out. Bad memories, bad decisions, and stupid comments I made, I tried to write them all down. Anything that ever haunts me and makes me shake my head in shame or embarrassment I tried to document. It took a while.

After I put together my list, I also wrote down some words of encouragement, giving myself permission to let go. To release myself from feeling shame for making bad decisions or sticking around in relationships that had run their course. I tried to dig down deep and root all of the mess out, because I really don’t want it in my life anymore. It’s no productive nor it is needed. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s time to forgive myself and move on.

Once I completed my little exercise, I folded up the sheets nicely and then ran through a shredder symbolically releasing them from my mind. I’m hoping by creating somewhat of a ritual out of the destruction it will give it a bit more meaning.

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