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The Plan

Once the desire was there to start writing, I knew I needed to take advantage of it. This wasn’t about obligation or boredom; this was a legit natural desire to create. I wanted to write, I wanted to express myself, and I wanted to do so in a different way. I toyed with the idea of making an old school HTML website or sticking to my journals, but a blog sounded so much better. It’s a format I enjoy, I love sharing with my friends, and after taking a social media sabbatical, I don’t think I’m going back. If I do, it will be on a very limited basis, so I want a place where I can share and interact with my friends in a sort of throwback to late 90’s, early 2000’s internet days. So enter: Brandon’s Good Place.

(Note: The Brandon’s Good Place lasted a week or so, until I decided I wanted something a little more neutral sounding, thus Brandon Writes Stuff was born. Then later it was changed to a more neutral

Okay, so let’s talk about the title: Brandon’s Good Place. I hate naming blogs. I spend way too much time deciding and narrowing down choices, and I’m almost always disappointed in the end result. What sounds clever at three AM on a random Thursday in March, ends up sound super lame at 4 PM the following day. I’m guessing this is the blog equivalent of drunk texting. So, when I started writing for this blog, I decided I wanted to keep it simple and since I recently binged season three of The Good Place, Brandon’s Good Place came to mind.

The name is actually quite relevant and makes me happy for the following reasons:

     1. I really like the tone and positivity of the TV show The Good Place, and I’m hoping this will keep me from turning into a complete whiny angsty bench while writing.

     2. I want this site to be a fun escape that has no problem discussing the bad things in my life, but doesn’t forget about the good things.

     3. It’s easy to say, and no one else had taken it yet.

(Whew: I wrote number three then I had to do a quick Google search to make sure that was true! It is! Brandon’s Good Place is indeed mine!)

So yea, Brandon’s Good Place is going to be a personal blog about me, my interests, and whatever else I feel like writing about. I’m going to do my best to keep it positive, fun, and easy reading, but I’m sure I’ll slip into some depressive slump at some point, write about how forked my life is and how I need to spend more time meditating, and then I won’t actually follow through with anything I wrote down. I know this, you now know this, so let’s not pretend like this blog is changing my life nor yours. It’s just exists, here in the massive depths of the interspace, between megacorporations, Russian spys, porn, and social media. This blog is equivalent to that piece of ice that you kick under the refrigerator because you are too lazy to reach down and throw it in the sink.

Oh yea, a few other things about this blog.

     1. You may have noticed that my use of profanity has been censored. Well, this is for a couple of reasons. One, I have a potty mouth in real life, but I hate to include it in my writing. So, I decided to keep with The Good Place theme and censor it. It also allows me to write a little freer at work, because if I choose to cuss, then I have to go back and edit my writing at a later date, and no one wants to do that. Come on, I told you I ran dozens of blogs, I’m lazy as fork.

     2. To keep me motivated and you reading, all posts are going to be limited to seven hundred words or less. If I need more than seven hundred words, then the post will be split.

     3. My goal is to write once a week, at minimum, but don’t hold me to that. Again, I’m lazy as fork. Still, I’m going to do my best to keep writing and stay under that seven hundred word limit. Which means I have only seven more words to go, darn it.

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