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The Punching Bag

Well, I did it.

I woke up this morning and immediately began working on our garage. When we moved in back in January, the garage became a sort of dumping ground. We still had old boxes to trash, stuff to take to Goodwill, and even some stuff that needed to be brought into the house. I spent a couple of hours getting everything together and cleaning the garage in preparation for the punching bag.

Last night, I spent an hour or so, researching bags. I wanted a heavy bag, but since I rent an apartment it just didn’t seem reasonable. I know they have stands, but you need weights to hold the stands down and that was an additional cost I didn’t want to spend. So, I stumbled upon some reviews for the Everlast pictured above and it’s been great. I only hit the bag for maybe ten minutes, since I spent all day cleaning, but it felt good. It got my heart rate up and I felt like I was doing something productive, mainly practicing my punches.

So, I’m on my way. It’s not a ton, but its something.

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