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The Quiet

Earlier this week, I spent seven hours in a room with someone who was blasting angry, alpha male podcasts. You know, the type of podcasts that tell you to walk in front of people and not beside them so you can show your dominance. To the person’s credit, he had a door closed, but in this tiny closet of a room, he also had a box fan on high. So, the sound of voices carried well throughout his room and into the lobby portion of the room where I work. So, for seven hours I listened to grown men with questionable backgrounds scream, shame, and tell you how to live your life. Needless to say, my head was killing me when it was all said and done.

In fact, the headache that it gave me lasted so long I ended up not going into work the next day. I stayed home with the TV and Spotify turned off and I cleaned and relaxed in silence. The assault on my senses the day before had overwhelmed me and I craved the silence.

I find myself craving silence more and more. I don’t listen to Spotify on the way to work some days and I stopped listening to podcasts a couple years ago. I realized that when I listened to podcasts, I wasn’t relaxed. It was just too much talking going on in a world where people don’t know when to shut up. Again, I say assault on my senses, because that’s the way it truly feels to me. It’s like my brain has reached a limit on how much intake it can take on any single day.

I feel this way not just on audible noises, but the written word as well. I believe this why I’ve been so intentional about weeding out the trash that I read on a daily basis. I try to avoid the rumors, skip over the “What if’s” and avoid anything that doesn’t truly bring substance into my life. I just don’t think we are wired to absorb this much information on a daily basis.


Again, I reference back to a blog post I made a few weeks ago about being Disconnected and I wonder if I need to scale back even more.

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