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The Rock N Roll Express Matches I’ve Seen Live

The first match I saw The Rock N Roll Express in was at the Memphis Throwback Night III. The Rock N Roll Express tagged with Jerry Lawler in a losing effort against Stan Lane, Jackie Fargo, and Memphis announcer Cory Maclin. Maclin was not a wrestler and Jackie Fargo was 73 years old so needless to say this wasn’t a barnburner. I don’t remember much other than Morton taking the pin and being frustrated at the result.

The second match I saw The Rock N Roll Express wrestle in was against their rivals The Midnight Express at the NWA Legends FanFest in 2007. Sure, all the members involved were past their prime, but it was a fantastic match! I remember turning to my buddy Jimmy and saying, “This is what’s wrong with tag team wrestling today” and he misunderstood me and was like, “This certainly is NOT what is wrong with tag team wrestling.” I then clarified that these guys were putting on a clinic of hot tags and excitement, and despite having lost a step, they kept the audience engaged and it was amazing. It was arguably the best tag team match I’ve ever seen live, even thirteen years later.

The third time I saw The Express in action, it was in Clayton, North Carolina at NCWA’s Ivan Koloff Memorial Tag Team Tournament. The Expressed tagged with a very high energy Bobby Fulton to take on Demolition and George South. Demolition doesn’t wrestle much and to be honest, they don’t move all that well, but I was thrilled to say I’ve seen them in the ring wrestle. Ricky Morton and Bobby Fulton dominated the ring time along with George South on the opposing time. It wasn’t a great match by any means, but still very cool to see two legendary tag teams in the ring at one time. 
In one of my dream matches, I saw Terry Funk tag with The Rock N Roll Express against Jerry Lawler, Doug Gilbert, and Brian Christopher at Big Time Wrestling at Dorton Arena in Raleigh, NC. This was more of a brawl than a match with Terry Funk going crazy and anybody in the ring or nearby being beaten to a pulp. There was no real timing to the match or reason for it, but it was a lot of fun. The Express were mainly in the ring to provide some stable action while Terry Funk and Jerry Lawler beat the hell out of each other.

In 2019, I saw another site I never thought I’d see and that was The Rock N Roll Express competing in a NWA Crockett Cup in Concord, North Carolina. The Rock N Roll Express had a first round match against The Briscoes, that went about how you would have expected it to. Ricky Morton was bleeding and he managed to get a nice offense that you just wouldn’t expect at his age. Outside of the match against The Midnight Express this was the second best match I’ve seen The Rock N Roll Express in, even if it was nearly a squash.
Then recently at New Japan New Beginnings in Durham, NC, I saw The Rock N Roll Express tag up with Alex Zayne to take on Rocky Romero, Colt Cabana, and Toro Yano. After seeing the amazing show Ricky Morton put on at the Crockett Cup (and recently on NWA Powerrr) this match was a bit of a letdown, but considering The Express are in their sixties they need to save those big spots for the bigger shows. 
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