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The Superman Radio Show

Over the past ten years, I’ve tried at least a dozen different times to get into some old timey radio shows. Mostly, I’ve tried to listen to westerns, but I’ve dabbled in sci-fi as well. Part of me is curious about these early foundations for many franchises and genre that I love, but I also like the idea of short bite sized stories being told in a laid-back way.

Sadly, it just hasn’t worked for me. Either the quality is too bad, or I can’t suspend the disbelief enough, I just haven’t found a show I’ve listened to more than a few episodes, until today. Recently, I gave the Superman radio show a shot, and now I can understand why it was so popular!

The first episode begins with the origin story on Krypton, which I think is now my favorite version of the story. Recently, I’ve been reading a bunch of comics with origin stories, not to mention watching the 1978 movie, and the animated series, but for some reason this was the story that seemed to do the best job in describing the situation and feeling like all hope was being put into this tiny spaceship.

From there, things change. Superman arrives on Earth in the desert, fully grown. There is no Smallville or Kents. He’s able to speak English, understand customs, and knows about his planet, but doesn’t have a name. The first people he saves (a professor and his son from an out-of-control trolly car) give him the name Clark Kent, and he describes himself as a superman.

As the show progresses, a multi-episode arc begins with Clark trying to find his way to understand the best and worst of men, and then he’s off on his adventure to keep a train from being derailed. The shows are short, incredibly well acted, and dare I say exciting?!

I’m still a bit stunned at how much I’ve enjoyed this radio shows thus far. I think the will provide me with an interesting break from Spotify and the podcasts I dabble in, and hopefully will increase my Superman knowledge along the way. I’m excited to see the other differences in the character, along with how Clark discovers man’s true intentions and how he must find a place in this world.

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