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The Wrestling Insomniac and The Old Mans War

Since my attempt to read more post made on June 8th, I’ve read three books. I recently discussed By Darkness Forged and now I want to discuss The Wrestling Insomniac and The Old Man’s War.

The Wrestling Insomniac is a collection of posts taken from The Wrestling Insomniac website. The book was written by a friend of mine and is an excellent look into the forgotten and not often discussed moments in the history of professional wrestling. Topics such as the NWA invasion of the WWF, the matches that Bill Goldberg lost, and the history of the NWA title after its dissociation with WCW are all covered in this collection.

The stories are well written, quick to read, and offer the perfect balance of detail with narrative. I found the book to very well balanced and I began reading it one evening with the goal of reading it over the course of a week, but I ended up reading it all in one sitting. It’s the type of stories that just suck you in and you can’t wait till you get to the next chapter to see what other mind blowing information will hit you next.

The Wrestling Insomniac is a must read for fans of professional wrestling.

Old Man’s War was written by John Scalzi, writer of Red Shirts. It is the first book in a series of six about a future where the elderly can choose to live longer if they join the military and go off to fight wars in distant galaxies. It’s an interesting look at the scarcity of life and how knowledge and experience can be an advantage on the battlefield.

This title came up several times when I was trying to find a science fiction book to read. I wanted something that was not very long, but also not too complex. I didn’t wasn’t to escape in a world of confusion by taking on Dune or any other massive world building books, and Old Man’s War seemed to fit what I was looking for. It begins on Earth (albeit in the future) but uses common sci-tropes and excellent descriptions to build the world around it. It’s a world that is not too unlike our own and a world that almost seems like it could be a possibility. It’s an easy read and I enjoyed my time with the characters. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to relate to a seventy-five year old man who is suddenly able to move like he was twenty, but the author did a great job of making the world believable and interesting.

I recommend both books and I’m glad to say I’ve knocked out three books in just over two weeks. It ends five month drought of not completing any books and it’ll be interesting to see how many books I finish by the end of the year.

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