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Things I’m Excited for This Month

Now that we got all that introductory crap out of the way, it’s time to start writing. It’s time to start sharing, discussing, and boring you with the crap that I like. I know you are only reading this because you feel obligated, just in case, I ask you what you thought about my blog, and that’s okay with me. I don’t mind being that talentless blogging friend who you have to pretend to like my writing. So, let’s begin.

My first instinct was to write about the stress in my life. I think my mental health is linked to tightly to my writing that it’s just where my mind instantly goes when I stare at a blank piece of paper (or a blank computer screen in this instance), but I don’t want to write about that, at least not right now. So, I decided to do a 180 and talk about some things that I’m excited for that are coming up. These are listed in no particular order, by the way.

Going to see New Japan Pro Wrestling

Last April, I bought tickets to see NJPW in Charlotte, NC. Then the government shutdown happened, VISAs weren’t given, and a hatchet job of a card was spliced together with local indy wrestlers. That wasn’t a NJPW show, and I sold my ticket figuring I had lost my only chance to see NJPW locally. Then, when NJPW America announced their first leg of dates, they announced Raleigh, NC as a location and that’s near where I live! NJPW isn’t great about announcing wrestlers ahead of time, so I had to take a chance and buy tickets, but luckily it looks like I made a good decision. The card looks great, the venue is thirty minutes away, and I scored a couple tickets for $60. I’m quite excited about this.

The Debut of Picard

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Star Trek fan, even more specifically a huge Captain Picard fan. On January 23rd, a new show starring Patrick Stewart hits CBS All Access and I get to see what the good captain has been up to since Nemesis, the one Next Gen movie I never made it all the way through.

My One Year Anniversary

January 20th, 2019, I went on the first date with the woman I’m engaged to wed. We were two people fresh out of bad relationships, just looking for someone to go to the movies with. We promised to take it slow and just be friends, but fate had other plans for us. As I approach the one year mark, I can’t help but feel blessed having met someone so amazing and so perfect for me. And with that being said, I’m looking super forward to celebrating our one year together here in a few days. The plan is to recreate our first date by going to the restaurant we first ate at and bumming around Target afterwards.

Writing on This Blog

I spoke a little about how I found my desire and drive to start blogging again in my past posts, and well… it has me excited. I’m excited about writing! I haven’t shared this with anyone or even mentioned that I’m working on a new blog, but here I am, smile on my face, writing and feeling good about it. I love it!

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